FIX: Microsoft Store Error Code 0x80242020 on Windows

 As of late, a few clients revealed that the Microsoft Store shows blunder code 0x80242020 when their endeavor to introduce an application from the Microsoft Store fizzles.

We viewed the issue and found that it tends to be brought about by various reasons including the accompanying:

Nonexclusive irregularity - It's conceivable you're encountering the current blunder because of a conventional issue in your framework, which can be handily fixed by running the Windows Store Troubleshooter.

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Degenerate Windows Store establishment - Windows might have an obsolete form of the Windows Store, bringing about a bad establishment. To determine this, utilization Powershell to reinstall Windows Store.

Adulterated store reserve - Caches in your Windows Store might contain debased records that influence the manner in which your store associates with the server. Assuming this present circumstance happens, you can either physically erase the Windows Store reserve or use WSReset.exe to fix the issue.

Now that you know about every one of the potential situations that could prompt the mistake code 0x80242020, let us investigate the different strategies other impacted clients have used to fix this issue:

Download from Xbox App

One strategy that assisted a few clients with skirting the blunder code 0x80242020 was downloading Minecraft utilizing the Xbox application, and we recommend you check it out. In the event that that works for no excuse, leap to the following strategy beneath.

Fix and Update the Microsoft Store App

An autonomous guide on the Microsoft gathering proposed this technique, thus far it has worked for most clients impacted by the main thing.

To begin with, we will introduce forthcoming Windows updates and reset the Microsoft Store and Minecraft launcher. Then, at that point, we will clear the reserve and update the Microsoft Store application.


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